Disneyland Resort, Anaheim California

Disneyland is a destination that me and my family have been going to for over 25 years and it has always been a dream to someday stay at a Disneyland Resort. Well I am thrilled to share with you that the newly renovated Disneyland Resort was an amazing experience. Our youngest daughter had a dance competition at the convention center located on property for the Disneyland Resort. We were able to get great rates and experience everything first hand that we have been only hearing about for so many years. Being able to step out right from the resort and catch the tram into the Park before it even opens was truly amazing. From the minute you arrive the resort to the minute you leave the Walt Disney treatment is truly worth experiencing.  ~ Dina. H

I have some great tips for families as well sharing the benefits to staying at the Disneyland Resort. To discuss this resort in more detail give me a call at 719-439-0185 – Carolyn Harvey

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